Corns and Callus

corn care, callus treatment and removal

Calluses are layers of thickened skin, usually occurring as a response to abnormal pressures on the soles of the feet and on the knuckles of toes. 

Where the pressure is greatest, often over a joint on the toe or under the foot, the thickened skin becomes incredibly hard. This hard skin then feels painful to walk on.  Many patients report they feel as though they are walking on pebbles.  Corns are an area of dense callus which often feels like a sharp pin or stone sticking into the foot.

To someone who has not suffered from a corn or calluses they may sound like a minor problem, but here at Cutting Edge Podiatry, we understand that they are incredibly painful and disabling and we recognise that to those suffering from them they are not a minor problem but have a major impact on every step they take.