Fungal Nail Test

Scientist on Tablet
We test before we treat. 


Did you know that skin experts such as dermatologists and podiatrists can diagnose accurately by visual examination only in 67% of cases?


This means at least 1 in 3 diagnoses are wrong and as such lead to prescribing the wrong treatment. With that in mind, we believe it is a good practice to establish a formal diagnosis before treatment. 


The importance of having the test:


Fungal nail infections can be tricky to diagnose because they look different depending on the fungus, state of the nails and the stage of the infection. In addition, studies show that around half damaged nails are due to causes other than fungal infections. 


It is important to have a fungal nail test to prevent being treated for something you don't have. 


Inappropriate treatment can have unwanted side effects, unnecessary costs and is a waste of time not focusing on treating the main issue.   



About the Fungal Nail Test

  • Our test is quick and results can be obtained during the same appointment. 


  • Test accuracy is guaranteed at 97% leading to making the correct diagnosis.


  • We can detect the presence of common fungus types using a small nail sample which informs treatment options. 


  • Confidence knowing that the chosen treatment type will yield a higher success rate.  



Our fungal nail test can be carried out during your appointment or arranged separately.

If you have already had a confirmed 'positive' diagnoses from your GP or a dermatologist then there is no need for us to test again, unless you have concerns of a 'false positive' or 'false negative' result.

If we are not carrying out the test ourselves then all patients will be requested to sign a consent form to confirm responsibility for any previous 'positive to fungus' test result and therefore happy to go ahead with the recommended treatment type. This is carried out purely for your protection.