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Podiatry Clinic in Cambridge

How Can We Help You?

We are qualified and experienced health care professionals that specialise in diagnosing and treating foot problems. 


We are also best placed to provide you with advice on how to look after your feet and the type of shoewear to choose. 


Common conditions that we can treat or alleviate are ingrown toenails by performing a nail surgery under local anaesthesia or painful feet when walking or running by prescribing custom-made orthotics or insoles.

We can also help with:

  • Routine treatment of corns and callus;

  • Support for bunions;

  • Treatment of dry and cracked heels;

  • Treatment of heel pain;

  • Treatment of various sports injuries; 

  • Treatment of verrucas and much more.

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Looking after your feet makes you feel better

Many people don't realise that their back, hip or knee pain is linked to their feet. In a similar way, several foot conditions can be related to inadequate footwear.


We are conscious that pain and discomfort can lead to falls, aggravating injuries, immobility and feelings of isolation and so whatever the underlying cause, our mission is to restore mobility and the well-being of our patients.


Get in touch with us today for further information. 


Podiatrist checking foot
Podiatrist checking foot

Foot care and treatment

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Removing hard skin, callus and corns
Removing hard skin, callus and corns

Podiatrist removing hard skin from feet and heels.

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Podiatry for walkers and runners
Podiatry for walkers and runners

Pain when walking or running can be treated.

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Put your feet in good hands.