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We specialise in the assessment and treatment of the foot and ankle. We are qualified and licensed to use anaesthetics for surgical interventions and a variety of medicines and techniques to cure the foot of certain ailments and infections.


We have helped countless clients and continue to do so with accurate diagnoses of foot issues and effective treatments performed in a friendly and professional manner.

Initial Consultation (includes treatment)

All necessary treatment is included at this visit, we assess your needs and take a medical history.


Follow up Appointment

This is a routine appointment that is scheduled after the initial consultation to treat most foot conditions.


Simple Nail Cutting

(15-20mins) not including thickened, deformed, fungal, or ingrowing toe nails. Feet will be sanded and emollients applied only. No use of nail drills or scalpels will be used for hard skin or corns on any area of the feet.


Nail Surgery

Includes nail surgery with local anesthetic, all dressings and follow up appointments.

£350 upwards depending on number of toenail sides and toes.

Local Anesthetic

If requested as an optional extra as part of an unplanned procedure.


£250 to £500 depending on number of affected toes.

First Treatment £150. Second and Third Treatments are £125.00 each. Any thereafter £75.00. Done monthly.

Faulkners Needling (for verruca)


Regular off-the-shelf Orthotics

From £20 + Routine Appointment Fee

Biomechanical Assessment

This treatment includes up to one hour assessment and 3D foot scan only. If orthotics are not ordered at this appointment and ordered at a later date instead then they will be charged at £320.


Biomechanical Assessment with Provision of Bespoke Orthotics Package

This package of care includes up to one hour assessment, pressure plate and 3D scan analysis, bespoke orthotics, fitting, a review and alterations at review within three months from fitting.


Extra Pairs of Bespoke Orthotics


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