New Microwave Treatment for Verrucae
Now Available


Effective and quick treatment using Swift machine has an 76% success rate* against verrucae.


Safe. No skin marks. No dressings.


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Dry Needling

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New clinical treatment for verrucae is now available.



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Some people never have verrucaes. Some people get lots of them.  If you have a predisposition to getting them it is best to confront them early rather than leave it until they become established. 


Established verrucae take longer to treat and can be more painful underfoot. Although verrucae are harmless, when they form on a weight in a bearing area of the foot they are likely to become increasingly painful the more established they become.  


Verrucae are caused by a virus. Their classic appearance often shows visible small black dots which are small blood vessels leaking blood into the verruca. These bloods cause spot bleeding when the area is reduced by filing or using a scalpel.



They often vary in size and number. Sometimes a verruca can spread quickly into a cluster of many tiny verrucae.  Evidence has shown that, in many cases, verrucae will disappear of their own accord within two years.  Therefore, if it is painless, often no treatment is required. 


For painful, unsightly verrucae, or ones which are spreading, you may wish to seek treatment. Treatment for verrucae usually involves ointments or liquids that contain acid, stronger than over the counter preparations, being applied to the verruca.


These acids act by carefully and gently destroying the surface of the skin that the virus has infected. The podiatrist applies the treatment to the skin every week after removing the overlying skin destroyed by the treatment. 


Some treatments can be more aggressive than others depending on the needs on the individual and the Podiatrist will discuss this with you in depth to ensure the most appropriate treatment is given to you.

Pricing for Microwave Treatment using Swift machine
  • First treatment and medical history assessment: £150 


  • Second treatment (after 3 to 4 weeks): £125


  • Third treatment (after 3 to 4 weeks): £125


  • Additional treatments if needed: £75

Watch this short animation for an explanation of how the microwave therapy using the Swift machine works. 

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(*) European Journal of Dermatology. Please see for details.